iOS 14 support package

May 10, 2021 Unity Technologies

With AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) enforcement now underway, we wanted to make it easier for publishers who have made with Unity games to implement several of the key items related to iOS 14.5 compatibility. For convenience we’ve assembled these items into a “iOS support package” which is now available in the Unity Editor package manager.

This updated package offers the following:

  • Provides utilities for Apple’s SKAdNetwork and AppTrackingTransparency frameworks that aggregate proper ad network IDs as well as providing access to relevant Apple developer APIs.

  • Provides a convenient and customizable pre-fabricated context screen, which helps publishers encourage users to opt-in to ad tracking on their iOS device.

To find and install this package it appears as ‘iOS 14 Advertising Support’ in the package Manager. Please note that the support package is not a requirement for publishers, but can help save time and resources with ready-made utilities and a template. For more information about how to implement the support package view our Unity Ads Knowledge Base

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