iOS 14 privacy reporting in the monetize dashboard

February 5, 2021 Unity Technologies

iOS 14 Privacy Report in the Monetize dashboard.

To further help publishers prepare for iOS 14 ad tracking changes, we’ve released a new reporting feature in the Operate Dashboard that allows publishers to report on cohorts of users who have tracking turned off or on.

Understand the impact of ATT status on revenue
  • Review the % of iOS 14 users who have enabled AppTrackingTransparency (ATT)
  • Compare eCPMs of enabled vs non-enabled users

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Detailed view of the iOS 14 Privacy Report in the Monetize dashboard.

For more support, the detailed view of the App Tracking Transparency Report (found in the iOS 14 Privacy Report 'see more') helps you understand the impact of users ATT across all your projects compared to each other.

Compare ATT status across several metrics for all projects
  • Compare project metrics for iOS 14 users by ATT status over the last 7 days
  • Filter by revenue, eCPM, or impressions
  • Download a CSV file for further analysis

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