iOS 14 UA Campaign Best Practices

October 25, 2022 Unity Technologies

iOS14 best practices for user acquisition campaigns

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What is changing and when, and what action developers need to take

Follow this cheat sheet to optimize your campaign around Apple’s iOS14:

  • Give things time and compare over multiple days: The algorithm needs time to learn as eCPIs get closer to tCPIs over time. Wait a few days before trying to optimize.
  •  Start with lower daily caps ($50) to manage risk: Avoid large spend with high eCPIs before real performance is observed. Increase daily cap after 48-72 hours.
  • Concentrate on app and campaign-level reporting: Reporting on creative and source-level will be limited. Source level bidding is still possible but performance per source is harder to understand.
  • Keep in mind the 50 SKAD campaign ID limit: Due to the removal of country information, we introduced a limit of 50 combinations of live campaigns and creative packs per app.
  • Use video or video and playable: Do not use auto-redirect or one-tap playabes within any creative format.
  • Be mindful when setting conversion values: Don't use too many different ones, limit updates to the 48 hours after install, and order them lowest to highest based on some key metric.
  • Tier campaigns in Geo groupings with similar user LTV.
  • Test creatives on Android: Assign the best performers from the Android test to iOS to mitigate spend risk and use your 50 campaign slots most effectively.
  • Aim for minimum 30 installs per campaign and creative pack per day to avoid null values for SKAD reporting. In case you see lots of null values, consider reducing the number of campaign + creative pack combinations, limiting the usage of conversion values and restricting the number of sources you are bidding on to pass the threshold.
  • Integrate the Unity Ads SDK and enable Acquire Optimization to keep your ROAS and retention campaigns running smoothly. Create retention and ROAS campaigns independently from your MMP integration and boost Unity's value prediction and optimization for your campaigns.

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