Crush bugs, catch errors, and keep your player base engaged with Unity

September 22, 2022

Mobile games accounted for nearly 50% of video game revenue worldwide in 2020. In this increasingly competitive market, it’s crucial to provide a bug-free, crash-free experience that keeps players in the game and CSAT scores high.

Join experts from Unity and Halfbrick Studios (creators of the massive hit Fruit Ninja franchise) for a free, on-demand webinar that will show you how Halfbrick uses Helpshift and Backtrace to detect game-breaking errors before they ever become an issue, keeping players in the game.

Watch the webinar to learn how:

  • Halfbrick improved gameplay using tools including Backtrace and Helpshift

  • Halfbrick manages bug reporting and crash management between their support and development teams

  • Your studio can implement an end-to-end data process that prioritizes high-impact errors affecting gameplay to improve player satisfaction and reduce churn

  • Learn more about game development at

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