Create a C# style guide: Write cleaner code that scales

September 6, 2022

Is there only one correct way to format Unity C# code? Probably not, but agreeing on a consistent code style for a project enables your team to develop a clean, readable, and scalable codebase.

This e-book compiles advice from industry experts on how to create a code style guide. Establishing a guide for each member of your team to follow will help ensure your codebase can grow your project to a commercial-scale production.

Download the e-book to get tips based on industry best practices, including:

  • Naming conventions
  • Formatting
  • Classes
  • Methods
  • Comments

Setting standards with a code style guide will help your development process in the long term, even if it costs you extra effort up front.

By keeping your code clean, you’ll make life easier for yourself and everyone involved in the project. Download our e-book to learn how to create clean and scalable C# game code.

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