The metaverse: The next frontier of change in 2023 and beyond

“The technologies that comprise the metaverse will be rolling out over the course of this decade, but the time for enterprises to get started is now. Real-time 3D can unlock significant value for your business today – and it doesn't have to be a scary proposition.” 

- Tony Parisi, Chief Strategy Officer, LAMINA1

Discover how industry experts are approaching marketing in the metaverse and what it will look like for retail, manufacturing, and more in our latest eBook. Plus get insight into:

  • What is driving this push toward immersive experiences
  • Top tips on starting your metaverse journey
  • Expert insights from these industry experts:
  • Media.Monks
  • Bell Flight
  • LS Group
  • Lamina1
  • Unity

Eager to get started? Our industry experts can help you take your first step into the metaverse.

Learn more about our 3D marketing starter package.

Check out Unity Industry to transform your CAD and 3D data into immersive apps and experiences.

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