How to achieve optimized high-fidelity real-time lighting for games in Unity

Creating an immersive world that players never want to leave can make or break your game – and nuanced, high-fidelity lighting is essential to that. But as experienced game artists know, real-time lighting can be costly in terms of performance.

You can achieve beautiful graphics across a wide range of platforms in Unity, including mobile. The Universal Render Pipeline provides real-time rendering on a wide selection of high- to lower-power devices by guiding you toward performant rendering choices with regard to lighting and shading.

Download this guide to learn about fundamental real-time concepts including:

  • Using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline to achieve realistic lighting effects
  • Optimizing performance across a wide range of hardware
  • Embracing simultaneous collaboration
  • Integrating time-savers like Prefabs and Volumes into your workflow

You’ll also become familiar with the common animation lighting configurations in Unity that help you reach that elusive AAA quality.

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