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The value of immersive 3D automotive experiences

Many of today’s industry leaders know firsthand the huge value of real-time 3D. They’re creating buyer excitement with fully immersive car configurators, collaborating in global VR designs reviews, training operators in AR without expensive mockups, and much more. Learn more about the incredible impact of real-time 3D across automotive marketing and sales, product design, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and training and how you can get started in real-time 3D with valuable insights from experts at Ford, Teague, Team One, and more

“Real-time 3D can reduce cost, like eliminating the need for a $1 million mockup. But cost is less of a driver than being able to quickly iterate to get more time with the customer and a longer time to iterate, continue to refine, and make the design better.”

— Eric Klein, Design Manager, Aviation Studio, Teague<

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