Creator Spotlight: <br>Summer Edition

  • Last Stop

    Last Stop

    Variable State joins us for a deep-dive into their supernatural adventure game, Last Stop. Explore how Cinemachine and Timeline were leveraged to create the experience, and learn the game's optimizati

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  • Praey for the Gods

    Praey for the Gods

    No Matter Studios joins us for an inside look at Praey For the Gods. We discuss the project’s early days, their successful Kickstarter campaign, and open the engine to look at the Unity tools they use

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  • Harold Halibut

    Harold Halibut

    Immerse yourself in the handcrafted world of Harold Halibut, as the Slow Bros. team joins us on Twitch for a deep dive into the process and Unity tech behind their singular stop motion adventure game.

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  • Minute of Islands

    Minute of Islands

    Studio Fizbin joins us on Twitch to explore how they made Minute of Islands. We answer questions from the community while going into the process and tools they used to create this gorgeous 2D world.

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  • Card Shark

    Card Shark

    Get an in-depth look at Card Shark as Nerial digs into the inspiration behind the game and the tools and techniques that helped create a game that feels like a living painting.

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  • Boomerang X

    Boomerang X

    The team from DANG! takes us inside the engine for a look at Boomerang X. We explore how they refined the aesthetic and gameplay behind this face-paced action adventure title.

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  • Death's Door

    Death's Door

    How do you make the move from pixel art to 3D? Get a look at the first 10 minutes of Death’s Door and the tools that helped the team at Acid Nerve ramp up to achieve the title’s unique look.

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