Creator Spotlight: Summer Edition

  • Creator Spotlight: The Art of Outer Wilds2:34:18

    Creator Spotlight: The Art of Outer Wilds

    Join Unity and Mobius Digital as we explore the solar systems of Outer Wilds one planet at a time.

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  • The Design of 12 Minutes3:49:12

    The Design of 12 Minutes

    We sit down to chat with Luis Antonio to talk about his mystery thriller game. We'll discuss making cinematic game experiences with actors, complex dialogue trees, logic, and more.

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  • Zenith: The Last City3:15:46

    Zenith: The Last City

    Hear from the Ramen VR team, creators of Zenith: The Last City, a massively multiplayer world built for VR.

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  • Cosmonious High Creator Spotlight1:31:49

    Cosmonious High Creator Spotlight

    Owlchemy Labs joins us to walk through some Cosmonious High gameplay, explore its development journey, the Unity tools used for accessibility, and more.

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  • Boyfriend Dungeon1:20:29

    Boyfriend Dungeon

    In this video, we discuss the origins and inspiration behind Boyfriend Dungeon and get a look at the workflow behind the game’s narrative.

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  • Death’s Door by Acid Nerve1:32:26

    Death’s Door by Acid Nerve

    Get a look at the first 10 minutes of Death’s Door and the tools that helped the team at Acid Nerve ramp up to achieve the title’s unique look

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  • V Rising2:42:36

    V Rising

    Stunlock Studios joins us to walk through some V Rising gameplay and explore its development journey and the Unity tools used, such as DOTS and Vivox.

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