Industrial Digital Developer Day: July 2021

Featuring presentations from Unity technical specialists and customers, get inspired how to use Unity’s tools for interactive visualization, AR/VR/MR, robotics simulation and product configuration.

An Overview of Unity’s Industrial XR Solution (2:45)
Antonia Forster, Technical Specialist, XR at Unity

VR and AR are transforming a wide range of industries, but it can be challenging to understand the entire breadth of solutions available, the problems they solve, and how they compare. This high-level overview explores Unity’s extended reality (XR) solutions, from native (MARS, AR Foundation) to Verified Solutions (echoAR), from software (Pacelab WEAVR, Interact) to hardware (Varjo), and more.

Empowering Clients with Real-time Software in AEC (45:30)
Adam Chernick, Director of Interactive Visualization at SHoP Architects

Adam Chernick will dive into some of the software the Interactive Visualization Team at SHoP Architects is building to help connect design and construction. He will walk through some of the new ways they are engaging and enabling clients with real-time technology to gain better insight into their projects. SHoP’s applied research efforts focus on establishing better communication using 3D data visualization. Their apps range from mobile AR to 360 VR CAVE pedestrian simulations, which can validate their designs before they are built.

Building an Educational Tool for Learning to Use Robots with Unity and Forge/OS (1:28:00)
Kel Guerin, PhD, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at READY Robotics

Forge/OS is a user-focused operating system that makes any industrial robot easy to program. While Forge dramatically reduces the effort to learn and use these incredible machines, learning to use robots with Forge still requires access to a physical robot. To solve this, and make robots more accessible to everyone, READY Robotics built a robot simulator for Forge using the Unity platform. This allows anyone to easily learn the skills for robot programming in a compelling, photorealistic environment using Unity. Discover the unique challenges of robot programming and education, and learn how this tool was created with the Forge SDK and Unity.

Building the Best Interactive 3D Product Configurator with Unity Forma (2:08:30)
Jerome Maurey-Delaunay, Senior Technical Specialist at Unity

Get an expert-led walkthrough of the latest updates to Unity Forma that make it easier to create marketing content and interactive configurators in record time and without coding skills.

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