Dwarfheim comes to life with Unity and Multiplayer Services

January 27, 2021

Making your great game idea a reality can seem like a big task - especially if you’re relying on multiplayer for your killer concept. The back-end services required take time and effort to build, and ready-built solutions need big teams to implement, right? Wrong!

Unity Multiplayer Services is a powerful set of tools that allow you to focus on what makes your game great. Our managed services free up time and resources for developers to focus on what really matters to them, instead of wasting time on back-end and support tech.

We spoke to Pineleaf Studio about how their small team was able to integrate multiple powerful tools from Unity Multiplayer Services. They were able to get top-of-the-range services off the shelf, saving time spent on server hosting, voice comms and matchmaking. PineLeaf were able to reinvest that effort into bringing their unique asymmetric multiplayer RTS DwarfHeim to life. Read their story here.

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Supporting the meteoric rise of Fall Guys