How Unity’s flexibility helps power IMMORTALITY’s unique gameplay and storytelling

March 17, 2023

How does a small team create a nonlinear narrative game with full-motion video – and deliver this large-scale, high-file size experience to players on consoles, desktop, and mobile? Learn how Unity helped Half Mermaid build the award-winning IMMORTALITY, an interactive trilogy that turns match cuts into gameplay and deconstructs the medium of cinema.

“The cross-platform nature of Unity has always been a key part of its appeal.” – Sam Barlow, Game Designer, Half Mermaid

Read this case study to learn how Half Mermaid:

  • Imported and tagged a 300-page script into a nonlinear interactive experience
  • Optimized and rendered over 200 video thumbnails and transitions using the C# Job System
  • Condensed 10 hours of high-definition video footage and audio into an 11 GB download
  • Maintained an immersive “analog feel” for manipulating video footage using the Input System

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