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Retail's Big Shift:

Real-Time 3D

and the Metaverse

“The global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024 vs about $500 billion in 2020.” 
Bloomberg Intelligence

As technology matures and consumer interest grows, brands are feeling major fear of missing out (FOMO) about the metaverse. Now is the time to get ahead of that fear by creating forward-looking strategies that ensure brands can meet shifting consumer expectations, be ready for a dynamic device ecosystem, and adopt an agile attitude to implementation.

In this e-book discover expert insight on:

  • How brand-customer relations are shifting because of the metaverse, and how to adapt to that.
  • The positive impact of metaverse tech on marketing content production workflows
  • Getting your brand involved in the metaverse consumer ecosystem, and why you should start now.

Looking for assistance to progress your retail metaverse strategy? Check out our 3D Marketing Starter Package, and get the benefit of our Accelerate Solutions team of world-class designers, developers and industry experts, to help you start your retail metaverse journey.

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