Globe-Trotter takes luxury shopping to new heights

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Building a connection between consumers and products has become more important than ever. Discover how luxury luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter delivered a new digital marketing experience to help customers create one-of-a-kind memories.

Globe-Trotter has delivered high-end luggage to clients like Daniel Craig, Eddie Redmayne, and Kate Moss for centuries. Established in 1897, the luxury travel lifestyle brand produces handcrafted luggage and leather collections for in-store and online purchases. Recently Globe-Trotter partnered with SmartPixels, a Paris-based startup specializing in 3D product configurators, to create its first online custom luggage service for its many online shoppers.

Knowing traditional ways of selling products like photographs or rendered images wouldn’t be enough to turn shoppers into buyers, Globe-Trotter decided to deliver a more immersive experience that would help their customers feel confident in purchasing custom luggage valued at $2,700 USD sight unseen. In fact, personalized experiences are more likely to improve the likelihood of repeat buyers, and 40% of consumers reported that they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalized.

“For years Globe-Trotter has offered customers the opportunity to design and build their very own bespoke luggage. As well as being unique, it is a service that will always be in demand so we’re delighted to be able to offer this online, making it available to a wider audience and giving our customers the freedom to customize their luggage wherever they are,” says Momiji Matsuura, Press Release Manager at Globe-Trotter.

Now, Globe-Trotter shoppers can take advantage of this interactive 3D web configurator to personalize every component of their bespoke luggage. With over a trillion possible configurations to choose from, customers can effortlessly specify the suitcase’s color, interior lining, locks, buckles, body, and more and view their selections in real-time. They can also take their luggage personalization one step further, choosing up to three characters to be monogrammed in five location options.

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As customers configure their suitcase, the model is rendered in real-time 3D, allowing them to see a virtual, photorealistic replica of their personalized luggage before it is even made. Customers can interact with the luggage by zooming in and rotating the suitcase using the 360-degree viewing option.

“Unity’s rendering technology allows SmartPixels to deliver hyperrealistic 3D visuals, which is essential for our clients in the luxury industry, such as Globe-Trotter,” says Marie Guilloton, Marketing Manager at SmartPixels. “Unity’s platform fits perfectly into SmartPixels’ production pipeline as it has proven to be easy and intuitive to use.”

The finalized designs are sent to Globe-Trotter’s workshop in Hertfordshire, England, where each piece is carefully made by hand and delivered weeks later, equipping customers for their next journey.


Learn more about SmartPixels or how you can create your own 3D product configurator with Unity Forma.

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