Furioos: Web Streaming for Real-Time 3D

Learn the ins and outs of Furioos, a new cloud-based service that lets you stream fully interactive 3D experiences from Unity – with peak visual quality – in any web browser.

Learn more about Furioos and streaming real-time 3D projects.

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Meet our hosts
Jerome Maurey-Delaunay Senior Technical Specialist

Jerome acts as an ambassador for Unity’s growth into new industries, specifically Automotive, Transportation and Manufacturing. In his two decades of experience, he's built interactive user experiences across web, XR, installations, mobile and embedded devices for brands as well as architectural visualization apps for the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Christophe Robert Co-founder and Head of Furioos

Christophe has a 3D artist background and a love for entrepreneurship and innovation. He's founded two startups based on 3D technologies. The most recent was Furioos, founded with his friends Thierry Roux and Michael Korbas, which was acquired by Unity Technologies in 2019, with the goal to become the world standard for 3D streaming.

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