Efficiency up, errors down: How to build an integrated product configurator with real-time 3D

Discover how easy it is to create a repeatable and manageable online 3D configurator for selling complex products, without the need for coding skills.

This master class explores how Unity Forma and Configit Ace integrate to create an immersive, interactive product configuration experience for the most complex products on the market.

With this solution you can confidently create a configure, price, quote interactive 3D shopping experience – for any complex product – that allows your customers to engage and empowers your teams to easily manage, adapt and update your online product offerings.

Check out the webinar to find out how the right interactive product configurator helps to:
•    Increase sales
•    Eliminate configuration errors
•    Boost marketing content creation
•    Facilitate accurate bill of materials (BOM) creation

Short on time? Skip directly to the section you want to watch:
•    Introduction to Unity Forma (01:27)
•    Demonstration of the integrated configuration tool (07:30)
•    Overview of Configit Ace (17:10)
•    Demonstration: How to work with Unity Forma Render and Configit Ace (47:41)

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