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3D Marketing Technology Solutions – Comparison Checklist

You’re keen to raise your sales and marketing to the next level by embracing 3D technology, but how do you cut through the noise to decide which solution provider is best for your business? Here are a few pointers on what to look for, along with a handy free-to-download checklist for additional guidance on the key factors to consider.

Aim for integrated workflows
Aligning product workflows across all the relevant teams (engineering, design, marketing and sales) ensures the product you present to clients is up to date with accurate product data. This approach minimizes the room for error due to last-minute design changes, and accelerates time to market. Factor in the 3D data workflows and formats that your design and engineering teams already work with.

Remove barriers to adoption
Marketing content production is a fast-paced process, and you want to minimize recruiting delays or disruption due to extensive employee retraining. Consider whether your current team can upskill to the new technology, and how long that will take.

Deliver marketing content to the right platform(s) for your customers
Whether you want to reach your customers on mobile or desktop, in augmented or virtual reality, or elsewhere in the metaverse, the solution provider you select must deliver the appropriate output formats. Bear in mind which devices you want to engage your customers on.

Built-in future-proofing
This is not a one-off exercise. You want to be sure that your 3D marketing strategy continues to adapt and evolve, and to do that, you need insight and support from your chosen technology provider. Be clear what your measures of success are, and find out what support options are available to enable ongoing program development.

Ready to delve deeper into the criteria for selecting your technology partner for interactive 3D marketing? Check out our handy cheat sheet and make sure you have all the bases covered.

Eager to find out more? Check out Unity Forma, the solution that makes it easy to use your existing 3D data to create interactive, real-time 3D product configurators and stunning visual assets.

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