Training & Tutorial Materials - Automotive

  • Develop training applications

    Develop training applications

    Learn how Unity can be used to develop AR training applications.

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  • Deploying to HoloLens

    Deploying to HoloLens

    In this tutorial, you will set up instructions to remove the rear wheel on a bicycle.

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  • Industrial VR training

    Industrial VR training

    Current and future trends in industrial VR applications.

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  • Unity & LinkedIn Learning

    Unity & LinkedIn Learning

    Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led videos on Unity.

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  • Objects Labeling In VR

    Objects Labeling In VR

    Learn how to build an interactive UI panel prototype to control Scene objects.

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  • Interactive UI Menus Part 1

    Interactive UI Menus Part 1

    Learn to create a UI menu housing different tools to modify the Scene’s lighting and objects.

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  • Interactive UI Menus Part 2

    Interactive UI Menus Part 2

    Build an interactive UI panel to disable different model parts, rotate the object, and adjust its transparency.

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  • Mixed Reality Interaction

    Mixed Reality Interaction

    Learn how to display information about and manipulate a Rover using HoloLens interactions.

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  • Publishing For HTC Vive

    Publishing For HTC Vive

    Learn how-to deploy your 3d models to HTC Vive.

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  • Publishing For Oculus Rift

    Publishing For Oculus Rift

    Learn how-to deploy your 3d models to Oculus.

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  • Spatialized Audio & VR

    Spatialized Audio & VR

    Learn how to add the Steam Audio Spatializer to the VR Scene to facilitate the occlusion of sound.

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  • Verified Solutions Partners

    Verified Solutions Partners

    Leverage packaged VR & AR hardware and software solutions from Unity’s Verified Solutions Partners (VSPs).

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